Piston Extruders

Piston ExtrudersAadvanced Machinery specializes in Piston Extruders which are widely used for producing shapes from powdered ceramic, carbide, powder metal, carbon and ferrite materials. Piston Extruders use a hydraulic ram, tilting material cylinder and vacuum system to press and extrude cylinders, tubes, rods, honeycombs etc.

Aadvanced Machinery is currently looking to buy Loomis Piston Extruders at 20 ton, 40 ton, 120 ton and 250 ton sizes. Contact us with your surplus.

Sorry, but we do not have any Piston Extruders in our in-stock inventory right now. We update our inventory daily, so please keep checking back. And if you are interested in receiving emails when we acquire new producst, go to our Contact Us page and sign up to receive our sales emails.

Aadvanced Machinery sells used and reconditioned Piston Extruders such as:

  • Loomis Piston Extruders, Single Tilt Extruders And Double Tilt Extruders
  • Hydramet Piston Extruders
  • A.J. Wahl Piston Extruders
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