MixersAadvanced Machinery stocks a wide variety of mixers to meet your process applications. Whether mixing powders, liquids, slurries or viscous materials, contact Aadvanced Machinery with your requirements.

See our specific inventory categories for Planetary and Double Planetary Mixers, Muller/Intensive/High Intensity Mixers, Double Arm/Naben Mixers, Disperser Mixers and Cone Screw/Nauta Mixers.

Disperser Type Mixers

Aadvanced Machinery buys and sells all kinds of disperser type mixers for dispersion, dissolving and deagglomeration applications. These disperser mixers typically incorporate an air over oil lift system that allows the mixing shaft and blade to lift out or descend into a mixing tank or container.

Cone Screw / Nauta / Rotary Batch Mixers

Aadvanced Machinery supplies used and reconditioned Nauta Mixers or Cone Screw Mixers from lab size to production size. These Nauta Cone Screw Mixers utilize a unique screw flight agitator, rotating on its own axis while orbiting a cone shaped vertical tank. This blending action is perfect for intimate, efficient mixing and blending of powders or pastes.

Double Arm / Naben Mixers

Aadvanced Machinery buys and sells Double Arm Mixers which are commonly termed sigma mixers, kneader mixers or paste mixers. These machines utilize a tilting horizontal trough with two blades horizontally mounted and driven by a geared motor to meet the specific mixing application. The blades sweep the entire area of the trough on each revolution, rotating toward each other at unequal speeds and creating a transverse and lateral motion in the mix batch. Double Arm Mixers are used for many materials including ceramic, carbide, adhesive, sealant, coatings, rubber, plastics, powder metal, food, etc.

Muller / Intensive / High Intensity Mixers

Aadvanced Machinery specializes in mixers for heavy duty applications. Muller Mixers, Intensive Mixers and High Intensity Mixers are often times used for their versatility to not only mix but to disintegrate, fluidize, deagglomerate, or pelletize the material being processed.

Double Planetary Mixers

Aadvanced Machinery buys and sells planetary mixers and double planetary mixers to meet a wide array of applications. Planetary Mixers such as Hobart Mixers, Univex Mixers and Readco Mixers offer a simple planetary mixing action.

Double Planetary Mixers from such names as Ross, Premier, Myers, Jaygo etc. provide two mixing tools which rotate on their own axis and also travel around the mixing bowl for efficient mixing.

Aadvanced Machinery is always buying Ross Double Planetary Mixers and Ross Powermix Mixers.

Whether buying or selling, contact us regarding:

  • Eirich Mixers, Eirich Pan Mixers
  • Lancaster Mixers
  • Littleford Plow Mixers
  • Henschel High Intensity Mixers
  • Simpson Muller Mixers
  • Ross Double Planetary Mixers
  • Ross Powermix Mixers
  • AMK Mixtruders
  • Baker Perkins Mixtruders
  • J.H. Day Sigma Mixers
  • Baker Perkins Sigma Mixers
  • Cowles Dispersers
  • Myers Dispersers
  • Schold Dispersers
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