Muller / Intensive / High Intensity Mixers

Muller / Intensive / High Intensity MixersAadvanced Machinery specializes in mixers for heavy duty applications. Muller Mixers, Intensive Mixers and High Intensity Mixers are often times used for their versatility to not only mix but to disintegrate, fluidize, deagglomerate, or pelletize the material being processed.

We stock a fine selection of these type of mixers including:

  • Simpson Muller Mixers
  • National Engineering Muller Mixers
  • Lancaster Muller Mixers
  • Clearfield Muller Mixers
  • Eirich Intensive Mixers
  • Lancaster Counter Current Mixers
  • Littleford Mixers
  • Praschak Mixers
  • Processal Mixers
  • Henschel Mixers
  • Prodex Mixers
  • Welex Mixers
  • Purnell Mixers
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