Turbula / Drum Tumbler / Drum Roller Blenders

Turbula / Drum Tumbler / Drum Roller BlendersAadvanced Machinery sells used and reconditioned blenders typically used for container blending. Turbula Blenders from WAB and Glen Mills provide precise blending of powders with a unique blending action. Turbula Blenders are available in a variety of sizes and are world renowned for process repeatability.

Aadvanced Machinery also sells drum tumblers and drum rollers for containers up to 55 gallons.

Sorry, but we haven't any Blenders, turbula/drum tumbler/drum roller in our in-stock inventory right now. We update our inventory daily, so please keep checking back. And if you are interested in receiving emails when we acquire new producst, go to our Contact Us page and sign up to receive our sales emails.

We sell used turbula mixers, drum rollers and tumblers from:

  • WAB Turbula
  • Glen Mill Turbula
  • U.S. Stoneware Drum Tumblers And Drum Rollers
  • IMS Drum Tumblers And Drum Rollers
  • Morse Drum Tumblers And Drum Rollers

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