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Paul O. Abbe Model 9PM Pebble Mill (AA-7012), Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump Model 1374 (AA-7013), Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump Model 1397R (AA-7014), CM Pusher Furnace Model 188-120-3Z (AA-7015), 8 Qt. Twin Shell Vee Blender Lucite (AA-7016), Wabash 100 Ton Model PCV100-2418-5 CTM (AA-7017), Anhydro Spray Dryer Type 111 AK Series 2 (AA-7018), National Forge Model NF30-10x24 Wet Bag Iso Press (AA-7019), 18 Sweco Model L518-372-13 (AA-7020), Misc. 18 Screens (AA-7021), 18 Sweco Model 5185333 (AA-7022), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7023), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7024), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7025), Crossley 4 X 5 Ceramic Lined Pebble Mill (AA-7026), Power Rectifier Model T30C (AA-7027), Ferro Filter Model 243F2 (AA-7028), Autoclave (AA-7029), Centorr Vacuum Furnace Series 3710 Model 2500-12x24-G-G-06A6-A-11+15 (AA-7030), Stokes Model F-4 (AA-7031), Autoclave Engineers, Inc. Model C92433 Wet Bag Iso Press with Hydro Pac Pump system (AA-7034)

December Features

Stokes F-4 (AA-7001), Tamagawa Model S-20A(AA-7003), U.S. Stoneware Mdl 784 AVM 2 tier Jar Mill (AA-7004), Erweka 3 roll Lab Mill (AA-7005), Stokes Model 310 (AA-7006), Patterson Kelly 8 Qt. Twin Shell Stainless Steel Vee Blender with Intensifier bar(AA-7010), Simpson / National Engineering Model LF-UD laboratory Muller (AA-7011), Patterson Kelly 8 Qt. Twin Shell Lucite Vee Blender with Intensifier bar(AA-7032)

October Arrivals

Stokes Model R-4 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6991) , W.S. Tyler Sieve Shaker Old Style (AA-6992), Dorst TPA-4 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6993) , 24 Sweco Vibro Energy Separator (AA-6997), Carvel Model C lab Press (AA-6998), U. S. Stoneware Jar Mill Model 755 RMV (AA-6999), Paul O. Abbe Model JM2x24 Jar Roller (AA-7000)

June features

Stokes Model DD2 Rotary Tablet Press (AA-6969), Stokes Model F Powder Compacting Press (AA-6971), Stokes Model BB2 Rotary Tablet Press (AA-6972), Elanco Extruder (AA-6973), Stokes Model F Powder Compacting Press (AA-6974), Manesty Model Beta Rotary Tablet Press (AA-6975), Stokes Model F Powder Compacting Press (AA-6976), Manesty Model F-3 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6977), Freund TF-Mini Vector Roller Compactor (AA-6978), Stokes Model R Powder Compacting Press (AA-6979), Eirich DE-18 High Intensity Mixer (AA-6980), Stokes 43-4 Oscillating Granulator (AA-6981), Stokes Model 280G Powder Compacting Press (AA-6983), Stokes Model 280G Powder Compacting Press (AA-6984) Stokes Model 575 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6986), Midwestern 48 Screener (AA-6987), Patterson- Kelly 16 qt. Vee Blender with Liquids Solid Bar(AA-6991)



Welcome to Aadvanced Machinery!

Aadvanced Machinery's warehouse is home to the largest inventory of used Powder Compacting Presses. These presses are sometimes known as Powdered Metal Presses, PM Presses, Preform Presses, Powder Molding Presses, Powder Presses or Tablet Presses. Whatever you call 'em, we've got 'em, as well as related equipment including isostatic presses, piston extruders, mixers, blenders, spray dryers, screeners, crushers, pulverizers, granulators, attritors, ball mills and a wide array of process equipment to meet your needs!

Our inventory is always changing, so make sure to bookmark us and return often for the "Quality and Service First" you know you'll get from Aadvanced Machinery!

Our clean, spacious headquarters

This online "In Stock Inventory" provides details and actual photographs of the machinery and equipment that we have in-house and ready for immediate purchase. If you want more details or a price quote on a machine, or if you are looking for a machine we don't have listed, please contact us by telephone, fax, or email.

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  Pug Mills

  Piston Extruders



  Attritors/Paint Mills

  Jars, Ball, Pebble Mills, and Vibratory Type Mills

  Crushing, Pulverizing and Granulating

  Spray Dryers/Drying Systems

  Sieves and Screens

  Furnaces, Kilns, Ovens



  Chemical/Pharmaceutical and Food Packaging Equipment

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