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April Arrivals

Stokes Model 900-525-2(AA-7037), Stokes Model T-4 (AA-7038),Glass Lined Carbon Steel Tank 33 Dia. X 34 T (AA-7039), Glass Lined Carbon Steel Tank 32 Dia. X 36 T (AA-7040), SS Tank with side bottom discharge 46 Dia. x 52 T (AA-7041), Viatec SS Tank 44 Dia. X Approx. 43 T (AA-7042), Glass Lined Tank 33 Dia. X 32 T, (AA-7043), Mueller Industries 300L F Model F (AA-7044), Mueller Industries 300L F Model F (AA-7045), SS Tank 46 Dia. X 58 T Center Bottom Discharge (AA-7046), SS Tank 46 Dia. X 58T Center Bottom Discharge (AA-7047), SS 100 Gallon Jacketed Variable Speed mixer (AA-7048), Fitzpatrick Fitzmill Model D6, S/N 3139 (AA-7049),Colton Model 540 Granulator (AA-7050),Seneca Impeller 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, 115 V (AA-7052),Seneca Impeller 1/3 HP, 1725 RPM, 115 V (AA-7053),Filler (AA-7054), Head SS (AA-7055), Lab Sink (AA-7056), Maytag Washer (AA-7057), Premier Mill Model U53, S/N U53M57747890013 (AA-7059), Sani Matic COP parts washer model #160697 (AA-7060),SS Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XJA33, S (AA-7063),SS Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XJA33, S/N T99-300244 (AA-7064),


Paul O. Abbe Model 9PM Pebble Mill (AA-7012), Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump Model 1374 (AA-7013), Welch Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump Model 1397R (AA-7014), CM Pusher Furnace Model 188-120-3Z (AA-7015), 8 Qt. Twin Shell Vee Blender Lucite (AA-7016), Wabash 100 Ton Model PCV100-2418-5 CTM (AA-7017), Anhydro Spray Dryer Type 111 AK Series 2 (AA-7018), National Forge Model NF30-10x24 Wet Bag Iso Press (AA-7019), 18 Sweco Model L518-372-13 (AA-7020), Misc. 18 Screens (AA-7021), 18 Sweco Model 5185333 (AA-7022), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7023), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7024), 250 Gallon Tank w/ Lightning Mixer Model XGAC-100 (AA-7025), Crossley 4 X 5 Ceramic Lined Pebble Mill (AA-7026), Power Rectifier Model T30C (AA-7027), Ferro Filter Model 243F2 (AA-7028), Autoclave (AA-7029), Centorr Vacuum Furnace Series 3710 Model 2500-12x24-G-G-06A6-A-11+15 (AA-7030), Stokes Model F-4 (AA-7031), Autoclave Engineers, Inc. Model C92433 Wet Bag Iso Press with Hydro Pac Pump system (AA-7034)

December Features

Stokes F-4 (AA-7001), Tamagawa Model S-20A(AA-7003), U.S. Stoneware Mdl 784 AVM 2 tier Jar Mill (AA-7004), Erweka 3 roll Lab Mill (AA-7005), Stokes Model 310 (AA-7006), Patterson Kelly 8 Qt. Twin Shell Stainless Steel Vee Blender with Intensifier bar(AA-7010), Simpson / National Engineering Model LF-UD laboratory Muller (AA-7011), Patterson Kelly 8 Qt. Twin Shell Lucite Vee Blender with Intensifier bar(AA-7032)

October Arrivals

Stokes Model R-4 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6991) , W.S. Tyler Sieve Shaker Old Style (AA-6992), Dorst TPA-4 Powder Compacting Press (AA-6993) , 24 Sweco Vibro Energy Separator (AA-6997), Carvel Model C lab Press (AA-6998), U. S. Stoneware Jar Mill Model 755 RMV (AA-6999), Paul O. Abbe Model JM2x24 Jar Roller (AA-7000)




Aadvanced Machinery is the world's largest dealer of used presses for compacting powdered materials. Our in-stock inventory includes mechanical and hydraulic compacting presses, mechanical and hydraulic powder presses, rotary compacting presses, rotary tablet presses and isostatic presses.

The presses we supply are used for compacting powdered metal, ceramic, carbon, ferrite, carbide, pyrotechnics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and a myriad of other powdered materials.


Count on Aadvanced Machinery as your source for:

  • Alpha Compacting Presses
  • Baldwin Compacting Presses
  • Defiance Compacting Presses
  • Dorst Compacting Presses
  • Stokes Compacting Presses
  • Pentronix Compacting Presses
  • Hydramet Compacting Presses
  • Gasbarre Compacting Presses
  • Komage Compacting Presses
  • Osterwalder Compacting Presses
  • Cincinnati Compacting Presses
  • Yoshizuka Compacting Presses
  • Bussman Compacting Presses
  • Mannessman-Meer Compacting Presses
  • Autoclave Engineers Isostatic Presses
  • National Forge Isostatic Presses
  • Always buying:
  • Baldwin Preform Presses Model 20, Model 45, Model 200
  • Baldwin Molding Presses, Model 20, Model 45, Model 200
  • Baldwin Defiance Presses, Model 20, Model 45, Model 200
  • Defiance Molding Presses, Model 20, Model 45
  • Defiance Preform Presses, Model 20, Model 45

  Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses

Aadvanced Machinery is considered, by manufacturers, dealers, and asset valuation professionals, to be the expert in powder compacting presses, powder presses, preform presses, and powder molding presses. Customers travel from worldwide locations to purchase from our huge inventory of compacting presses. We also manufacture and sell a full range of replacement parts for Stokes Presses and Baldwin Defiance Presses.

Please review our inventory of compacting presses. I'm sure you will agree that our in-stock machines are the finest in the world. We have machines to fit every budget so contact us to help make your company grow!

  Cold/Hot Isostatic Presses

Aadvanced Machinery sells used isostatic presses in both cold or wet bag isostatic and hot isostatic designs. Isostatic pressing is a process for compacting powdered materials into useful configurations under high pressure. By subjecting the material to equal and simultaneous pressure over all of its surfaces, maximum uniformity is achieved in density and grain structure, along with uniform strength in all directions.

We are currently looking to buy wet bag or cold isostatic presses from Autoclave Engineers, ABB, National Forge and Loomis. We are also looking for dry bag isostatic presses from Pentronix, Olin, and Loomis. Please contact us with your surplus isostatic presses.

  Rotary Presses

For manufacturers needing high output tablet presses or compacting presses, Aadvanced Machinery sells used and reconditioned rotary tablet presses and rotary compacting presses. These units utilize a multiple station, rotating turret head to increase parts per minute output. Aadvanced Machinery can provide rotary presses for small, simple compacts or large compacts requiring large die diameters and deep fill provisions.